Songs For You 4

by Den Lilla Ekorren

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released January 15, 2017



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Den Lilla Ekorren Sweden

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Track Name: Only This Moment
Only this moment, we have
It is sparkling like a star in our hand
and melting like a snowflake in the sun
Only this moment, we have

Don't look down on yourself
You and I were no mistakes!
I will try, the best I can,
to fight the demons of my mind,
that tell me you're not the only one
and that you're not the one for me
Never look down on yourself!
Track Name: Endless Love
Everywhere I can see, everywhere around me
There is love, there is love, everywhere around me there is love!
In the sky, in the sea, everywhere around us
In the woods, in the trees, everywhere around me,
There is love, there is love, everywhere around us there is love!
Endless love, endless love, who can ever feel lonely
when there's only love, only love, for everyone to tap into
so tap in to it, tap into it you, too!
Track Name: Ditt leende gör min dag
spelet är över
nu väntar en tid
när vad jag behöver
är mer ljus & frid

spelet är över
men allt är sig likt
så kom och håll om mig,
här där jag står
ditt ljus ledde mig hit

ditt leende gör min dag
ditt fina leende gör mig så glad
Track Name: Don't Wait for Love to Come Your Way
If you're out there, looking for something
But don't even know what to look for

Don't wait for love to come your way
Put it in motion!
Don't wait for love to come your way!

I am a human being
A conscious animal
The worldly show before our eyes,
we tend to belive is true, when it's just an illusion

Can I sit here next to you?
Must say, I'm a tad alone
But close to you, my friend
I can feel a little love

Don't wait for love to come your way

So the next time you are out there, my friend,
and you wait and you look, remember,
what you seek has been here all along!
Track Name: Great Tree
You have come so far my friend
Be just what you are
In the presence of the light
Darkness goes away

There is nothing to attain
Be just what you are
In the presence of the sun
all the clouds will go away

So let yourself flower now
And you'll become a mighty tree..
The greatest tree on earth!
Track Name: I Can Send You a Smile
What is the difference between you and me?
There's not much to talk of, as far as I can see
Humans and animals, boys and girls,
are all each others equals

When you're remembering who you are,
the stories will soon fall away
The colors of the rainbow will merge and light up
and wipe out the hate from your face

Mountains and trees are between you and me
But still, I can send you a smile!
People and places rush through our lives
But still, I can send you a smile!
Track Name: An Innocent Heart of Pure Love
wake up now, my dear
'cause if you don't,
the day won't be

be prepared to go
in half an hour
to your breakfast meal

but before you go to play out there
there's one thing you should know
you better keep this in your mind
whatever you will do

an innocent heart of pure love,
you have, and everyone's got
a beautiful heart of pure love,
you'd better stick with that!

and though it's pure,
it sometimes lures into
all sorts of games the mind plays

to satisfy the bodily needs
that's doomed to always be unfulfilled

but an innocent heart of pure love,
you have, and everyone's got
Track Name: Kom sköna sommar!
Kom sköna sommar, kom snart igen
Gör mig varm med solens sken, du sommaren

Kom sköna sommar, med sol och bad
Sommaren gör mig så glad! Kom sommaren!

Kom sköna sommar, med gröna blad
Vänta inte, gör mig glad!
Kom sköna sommar, kom hit igen!

Sol, var är du nu?
Jag längtar bort, jag längtar hem till dig
När mörkret sänker sig går mina tankar till dig
Sommaren gick fort och löven föll från alla träd
Snö och is är fint, men kylan tränger sig på


Come sun, come summer, come to me soon
make me warm again in sun, the summer sun

Come sun, come summer, when leaves are green
and more of nature's life can be seen, come summertime

sun, where are you now?
I'm longing home, I want to get away
My thoughts they go to you
when darkness falls
Last summer went fast
and all the leaves fell from the trees
snow and ice is nice
but now the cold really bites
Track Name: Epiphany
Epiphany, epiphany
You've got to take a closer look at what you see
Epiphany, epiphany
The truth of you is not the same it used to be

The old paradigm will fall away
and a new skin will appear
You will never ever feel ashamed of what you are
or you've chosen to be

It's enough! It's enough! It's an epiphany!
Track Name: Happy New Year
A new year's coming
such a fine year is dawning
now when I know your smile
will shine for me soon again ...

A new year's coming
and the old times fading
like that misty morning
when I saw dew pearls on your fur

A new year ...
fill this time
fill it up with your love!

A new year ...
take this chance
to make a change in your life!

fill it up with your love
begin to share
then we can all get
a happy new year!

hold on to that dream
make a wish to the star
for a brighter day to come
it will take you far!
Track Name: Hi och hå
vad hundan drömmer katter om på natten
vad katsingen tänker en hund på dan
dagarna de går och myran sträva
men utan att för döden bäva

kon på ängen där vet mer om klöver
än ditt ringa intellekt förmår
och när det gäller klättra högt i björken
ekorren slår dig på nöten

hi och hå, lien slår
men gräset lika vackert snart ska stå
hi och hå, lien slår
naturen alltid återuppstår
Track Name: I Do Love You
I do love you! Love gonna send me right to you!
I bring my love to you, you can take it or leave it
I sing my songs for you
They are fragile, so don't break them

'cause the song that I sing is dedicated to you
and I will spread these words to every corner of the world,
until you hear them:

I love you from the bottom of my heart.
I love you and I give my heart to you
Track Name: The Way of Love (feat. Squirrelady)
The way of love (Nutleigh's song)

When I was just a little baby squirrel
I would suckle at my mama's breast
She would give me everything
Yes, she would give me everything I need.

But now my mama's gone away from me
And so I suckle at another breast
And I am given everything
Yes, I am given everything I need.

The Way of Love is strange and harsh and kind
The Way of Love is strange and harsh and kind

It takes you to the very edge
It takes you to the very edge... of you.

And when you find there is no end of you
Then you shall see there is no end of love
And you are given everything
Yes, you are always given everything.

And so it seems I am a little squirrel
But truth be told, I am the same as you
And we can never lose this love
No, we can never lose this love .... we are.

And when all beings go away from me
And I am face to face with only this
I see that I was never born
I see that I can never die
I see that I was always everything
Yes, I was always everything.
Track Name: You're My Baby Squirrel (feat. Squirrelady)
Let me peel that grape for you my dear,
Let me warm that milk for you my dear,
Let me crack that nut for you,
There's nothin' that I wouldn't do
Cause I'm your mom and you're my baby squirrel!

Let me give you shelter from the storm
And take these cozy blankets oh so warm,
I'll kiss your belly everyday
We'll have our fun and romp and play
Cause I'm your mom and you're my baby squirrel

Little squirrel, they say I'm helping you
But really dear, the opposite is true,
Rest you head upon my heart
And let us finish what we start
Cause I'm your mom and you're my baby squirrel

And one day when it's time to say goodbye
I'll pray to the Great Spirit in the sky
To keep you out of harms way
And let me see you in the day
Cause I'm your mom and you're my baby squirrel
Yes, I'm your mom and you're my baby squirrel
Track Name: A Squirrel's Simple Way (feat. Squirrelady)
The baby squirrels are running everywhere
They're climbing trees and flying through the air
They're full of joy and glee,
As you can plainly see,
And anyone in their right mind would love to be this free!

And so one day the squirrels came out to play
I jumped and wrestled with them the whole day
We played and ran around
And put nuts in the ground
I learned to live each moment in a squirrel's simple way.

And just because a squirrel's brain is small
That doesn't mean a gosh darn thing at all
They always seem to find
The nuts they leave behind
And not even a scientist could fault a squirrel's recall.

And so on squirrels' behalf I rest my case
They're far more clever than the human race
They balance work and play
And take naps in the day
And never once ring up a debt that they cannot repay.

And so we should respect our little friends
They teach us to be hopeful to the end
They're gentle and they're kind
And you will even find
Whatever love you give to them will bless you in the end.
Track Name: Julens varma famn
vintern den kom snabbt
och med den kom snön
ett himlafenomen
man aldrig riktigt kan förstå

mörkret det är svårt
men vi står väl ut
när fönstret täcks med vitt
kan vi se vårt eget ljus

När vintern kommer så ger vi varann
julens varma famn
glädjen i att åter få ge i
julens varma famn

så skänk då en tanke på de som har det svårt
som inte kan skönja det ljusa i det grå
som kämpar mot vindar som för dem hit och dit
de längtar till samma vi redan har var dag
Track Name: I Can't Get Enough of Music
Nobody likes my music
And still I keep doing it all day long
I just can't get enough of music!
Track Name: Snowman
Snowman, where are you now?
I'm longing to see you!
No man is out in this pouring rain

Snowman, where are you now?
I'm longing to see you!
Not more than a hat and a stick is left

He has gone to far away land!
Why has he gone to far away land?
He has left for the land of ice and snow,
to heal his wounds, to heal his wounds!
He needs a lot of ice and snow
to heal his wounds, to heal his wounds!

He makes a big ball on the ground
and puts a small upon that one
Then he makes a smaller ball
to put upon the middle one

Snowman! Now are you here, I'm so glad to see you!
Snowman! So happy you're back again!